Hear Another Bracing Vince Staples Track

The rapper releases “Get Paid,” a scorching tune from his Def Jam debut.

June 15, 2015

Last night, Vince Staples released another song to help build anticipation for his Summertime ’06 double-album. “Get Paid” is a fierce, minimal track, clattering and edgy. Staples delivers unvarnished stories about drug dealing with his dad while Desi turns the title-phrase into a child-like, taunting hook. Staples talked about these experiences in a recent FADER interview. “This is the thing—I really did all of that, so I know it’s not fun and cool,” he said. “It sucks. Nobody likes that shit. I got homies calling me from jail telling me they want to get home and get their shit together, and I know they can’t. That sucks.”


Read the rest of Staples' interview, and look for Summertime ’06 June 30.

Hear Another Bracing Vince Staples Track