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Vince Staples Preaches On Ray J’s Enduring Influence

“Does Ray J not have hits?”

June 15, 2015

In our Summer Music Issue, Vince Staples speaks candidly and sharply on voyeurism in hip-hop culture, slanted media portrayals, and the need to stand up to corrupt police. The man is well thought, and his latest theory might be his strongest yet. During an interview with Peter Rosenberg at Hot 97, Vince points out what some may consider obvious: that singer Ray J is an under-heralded icon with sustained influence across music, television, film and countless other facets of culture. "Ray J is probably top 5 hip-hop west coast of all time," Vince declares, before rattling off the man's stripes: he's got hits on hits, defends The Money Team, and, of course, co-starred in Moesha. I personally feel it's about time somebody with a platform championed this cause: in times as polarizing as these, we need someone to believe in. Watch the full interview, Vince Staples' Summertime 06 is out June 30th.

Vince Staples Preaches On Ray J’s Enduring Influence