Arca Questions The Extent Of Partnerships Between Artists And Energy Drinks

“Is that the only way? REALLY?”

June 16, 2015

Arca started a Twitter conversation today about the potentially negative impacts of the Red Bull Music Academy, which has become an ever-larger presence in the contemporary musical landscape. Arca wondered, “why are we okay letting an energy drink put their logo all over everyone’s blood sweat and tears?” Evian Christ pointed out that “not all artists are independently wealthy,” so some “need the money.” But he added that “big reform” is needed, suggesting the company could engage in “less aggressive branding combined with more investment into focused and sustainable projects.”

These musicians aren’t the only ones wondering about RBMA’s growing shadow. Earlier this year, Red Bull took down a piece of writing critiquing the group Future Brown, whom the company has supported in the past, leading Gawker to publish an essay titled, “What Happens When A Soft Drink Brand Is Scared By Its Own Journalism?” And last year, FADER’s Emilie Friedlander wrote an article examining the ways Red Bull is changing what it means to be an independent musician.


Read Arca's tweets below and watch FADER TV's interview with Evian Christ.