Miguel’s “Coffee” Video Revels In Domestic Bliss

The singer followed last night’s new songs with a fresh visual.

June 16, 2015

Remember first-album Miguel? Back then, he was a slick crooner with an R&B-radio aimed sound. In between his first and second full-lengths, he released three free three-song EPs that suggested a new direction by surrounding the singer with crude, heavy guitar riffs. Many songs in that mode appeared on Kaleidoscope Dream—“Arch & Point,” “Use Me,” “The Thrill”—as Miguel leaned away from R&B’s sonics and embraced rock’s sex-symbol imagery.


He’s continued in that mode ever since, with his Girls soundtrack contribution “Simplethings,” the album artwork for WildHeart—full of enough torn denim to qualify him as a New York punk rocker—and the Lenny Kravitz collaboration he released online last night. Today he put out the video for “Coffee,” which originally came out as part of (another) three-song Soundcloud dump at the end of last year. The song is full of the same thunderous guitars, but the visual matches them with scenes of a happy couple—underneath all the leather, this man just wants to cuddle.

Miguel gave FADER TV a tour of his house recently; check that out below.

Miguel’s “Coffee” Video Revels In Domestic Bliss