Boogie Reflects On “Make Me Over”

The song also features his son, Darius.

June 17, 2015

Lisped Los Angeles rapper Boogie made a splash earlier this year with "Oh My," a hyped-up Jahlil Beats production that, if you listen closely enough, doubles as the prelude to his story: Before I started rapping, if you niggas heard my story bet you'd be like, oh my goodness! On "Make Me Over," he begins to tell that story in more vivid detail: about the gang violence he grew up with and around in Compton, the losses he's suffered as a result, and the way he struggles to explain it all to his kid. After sweet interlude featuring his son Darius, he raps, That's my five-year-old kid, he still got crayons in his cupboard/ How am I supposed to tell him I got shot over a color? That don't make sense, does it? It's powerful—and there is more like it on his forthcoming mixtape The Reach, which arrives next Wednesday, June 24 (which his son's birthday).


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Boogie Reflects On “Make Me Over”