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Watch Things Get Crazy In EPICMUSTDIE’s “Sauce” Video

“Sauce dripping off everything!”

June 18, 2015

The clip for Compton rapper EPICMUSTDIE's "Sauce" starts harmlessly, as the MC makes some eggs and covers them with an unknown liquid from a green bottle labelled “sauce.” But the mysterious substance causes everything to slip out of focus, and when clarity returns, the beat hits: produced by Antdawg, it's bruising and stunningly minimal, without a nourishing scrap of melody to be found. The visual suddenly becomes as hectic as the song, and EPICMUSTDIE feeds off the energy. Naturally he decides to hold onto the magic green bottle—and to use it more often: “Put that shit on everything, might have to put that shit on everything.” Watch the video below.

Watch Things Get Crazy In EPICMUSTDIE’s “Sauce” Video