XAOS Blends MIDI And Mythology On “Processional”

The Greece/UK duo reimagine ancient Greek musical traditions on their 10-years-in-the-making debut LP.

June 19, 2015

XAOS is a musical project based between Greece and the UK that’s fusing millennia-old Greek musical traditions with the intricate digital technologies of the present. XAOS is fronted by two people: Ahetas, a microtonal composer and painter; and Dubulah, a producer and guitarist. Their forthcoming self-titled album features a laundry list of live instrumentals from a diverse cast of musical peers.

“Processional” is a song off their self-titled debut album, which is ten years in the making. Greek shakers and sonorous drums carve out a slow and steady rhythm for the song, while the thin-toned sound of gaida (Greek bagpipes) alternates between providing atmospheric melancholy and evoking shrill human vocals. “Processional” is a glimpse of the past as seen from the future,” XAOS told The FADER, “like a march of masked people through crowded city streets on the way to celebrate or venerate, as if in Elefsina/Eleusis or a modern city. People still march to show love, support, or anger against injustice. As was the past—so is the present.” Independent Records Ltd will release XAOS on June 22nd.

XAOS Blends MIDI And Mythology On “Processional”