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Amber Melody Says “Smile Hoe”

The L.A.-based Londoner makes an unflinching introduction to the world.

June 22, 2015

"Smile Hoe" is the stand-out track from London-born, L.A.-based artist Amber Melody's new EP Sicc Little Girls (also the name of the production duo she's part of, who produced all the songs). In the official video, she faces her fears and makes an unflinching introduction to the world: "The song 'Smile' is about knowing you're no good for someone," she told The FADER over email. "If I don't make you smile, I'm not the one for you and I don't want to selfishly keep you or wait around till you figure it out. The spider [in the video] resembles that fear in the relationship by covering words and concealing the truth that should be said by crawling over my lips. The strangling isn't me literally killin' him; the strangling actually represents suffocation in the relationship on both ends. I like to write things that are honest and relatable."

Amber Melody Says “Smile Hoe”