Father And Key! Are Fighting Over “Look At Wrist” Royalties

“Sue me. How the fuck dare you?”

Photographer Ian Reid
June 23, 2015
Father And Key! Are Fighting Over “Look At Wrist” Royalties

Update, 6/23/2015 12:15 PM: Key!'s manager commented on her client's argument with Father via email. "This is a common thing when doing business with friends—they act as though it's not business," she wrote. "Myself and Key! only want what he deserves, nothing more, nothing less. It's really pretty simple. There's no 'lawsuit' in place right now. So not sure why Father thinks we're suing him. But if this matter isn't closed by a certain date, then yeah...we're going to handle business. My client's money is just as important as Father and Makonnen's. Once this is over, I'm sure Key! and Father will be friends and tweets will be deleted—but Father doesn't have to like me. I'm not in this business to have a bunch of friends."


Father's "Look At Wrist" was one of several major rap success stories in 2014: the track's simple hook and free-wheeling energy attracted a lot of fans, including Drake, and the whole thing helped put Awful Records on the national map, even though the song didn't become a pop crossover.

But now it appears that the song's success has caused some trouble: Father took to Twitter last night to air his grievances against Key!, who raps the tune's third verse, and Key!'s manager. "[F]uck both of u and fuck Wrist," Father wrote. "If u want some $$$ I'll put it in your fuckin hands myself." He also mentioned a law suit and appeared to threaten Key!'s spot on a coming tour, tweeting a photo of a tour schedule with the warning, "Just like people, some of this is subject to change too."

FADER reached out to representatives of both rappers and awaits comment. You can see Father's tweets below, and watch the rapper's celebratory performance of "Look At Wrist" at FADER FORT.

Father And Key! Are Fighting Over “Look At Wrist” Royalties