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Stream Boogie’s The Reach Mixtape

“Oh My” and more—oh my goodness!

June 24, 2015

At the moment, the name Boogie is mostly synonymous with one line—his hardy oh my goodness!—that has been misappropriated by jolly partiers more often than not. However, the very point of "Oh My," the song that line comes from, is that Boogie's got an almost unspeakable number of tales to tell—about being from Compton, being a rapper, and being a dad. Verbose and slightly-lisped rapper, his brand new mixtape The Reach, which is out today, the one-year anniversary of his last tape and his son's birthday, is chock-full of these stories. Additionally, the 12-track project features a guest appearance from fellow Compton native D'Anna Stewart, as well as production credits that include Mike Zombie, Jahlil Beats, Keyel, Dart, and more. Boogie will be at The Mint in Los Angeles tonight to celebrate The Reach; for tickets, head over here. Or, peek inside Boogie's pockets here.

Stream Boogie’s The Reach Mixtape