Sean Nicholas Savage Premieres “Casablanca” And Announces New Album

Arbutus Records will release the Montreal musician’s new record, Other Death, on September 18th.

June 24, 2015

There's an air of disheveled grace to Montreal musician Sean Nicholas Savage. It's not so much how he looks, but more in how his voice stretches and unravels. On "Casablanca," the first single from his forthcoming new album, Other Death, he whisper-sings in a huskily scruffy way about how miracles happen everyday. "It's so hard to take things lightly," Savage told The FADER. "I wanted to put something incredibly light out after [my last album] Bermuda Waterfall. 'Casablanca' is one of the lightest on the new record." He also sent over the following sort-of poem, which might help illuminate the longing behind the song.

When u're moved
and then u must move again
u're so close with someone for awhile
and then it drifts
and the tendency is for personal hurt
and there can be drama
but past behind and future unknown
just having some respect for what u want, and what u need
and always being sincere with and reflective.


Arbutus Records will release Sean Nicholas Savage's new album, Other Death, on September 18th (pre-order it here).

Sean Nicholas Savage Premieres “Casablanca” And Announces New Album