Cartie And Jeremih Want It “Everyday”

Jeremih softens out the edges of Cartie’s blunt proclamations of love.

June 25, 2015

Call it Fetty's influence, but it feels like every rapper is looking for a trap queen nowadays. All I need you to do is count the cash/ And don't throw no brown paper bags in the trash, raps Cartie on "Everyday," the first single from his forthcoming Shoebox Money project, out on July 29th. As usual, Jeremih comes through with a charming Chi-town swagger, adding a welcome melody to the dark, percussive beat and softening out the edges of Cartie's blunt proclamations of love—Baby looking like a shoebox full of money, the rapper says by way of a compliment.


By recruiting Jeremih for the hook and producer Soundz for the beat, Cartie is recreating the trio's creative dynamic, which led to Wale's "The Body," the first single from this year's The Album About Nothing. "This is the type of shit that happens when you put me, Jeremih, and SOUNDZ in the studio," Cartie told The FADER over email. True.

Cartie And Jeremih Want It “Everyday”