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Arca Is An Absolutely Perfect Model for Hood By Air

The FADER cover star hit the Paris runways this weekend.

June 29, 2015

Taste the runway for my Family @ianisiah @hoodbyair

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FADER cover star Arca, aka Alejandro Ghersi, made a surprise runway cameo at Hood By Air’s spring 2016 menswear show this weekend, the New York brand's Paris debut. There is perhaps no better spokesperson for HBA than Arca—not just because he is a friend of the designer Shayne Oliver, but because his wild music epitomizes everything in sound the label stands for in cloth: the fluidity of identity, a blending of cultures, a wrestling with the confines of gender. Done up in HBA’s zippered denim, barrettes, sleeves that hung past his hands, and a cartoonish diamante grill, he looked perfect amidst the other models, who ranged from tattooed beefcakes to lithe blonde boys with pale skin. Go off, Arca!

Arca Is An Absolutely Perfect Model for Hood By Air