Joell Ortiz Goes After The Frauds On “Lil’ Piggies”

“If you feel offended, it’s probably directed towards you.”

June 30, 2015

“I’m beyond tired of all the politics, rappers with their gimmicks and following trends,” says Joell Ortiz. The result of that weariness is “Lil’ Piggies,” a cathartic track that the MC an opportunity to get a lot of things off his chest. The song starts with a fiery declaration—You Motherfuckers ready? I’m walking through this bitch with my machete—and it only escalates from there. Ortiz's challenges come paired with an unusual beat that combines off-kilter, ominous melody and supercharged squirts of bass.

Look for more Ortiz and !llmind on Human, a joint project due out July 17.

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Joell Ortiz Goes After The Frauds On “Lil’ Piggies”