LA timpa Makes Harmony Korine-Inspired Music

The Toronto artist’s ANIMAL EP is a minimalist and conceptual journey.

July 01, 2015

LA timpa trafficks in mystery. The Toronto artist and his affiliates at the creative collective A.C.C. Studio claim to be from a place called PAJDERA, which is in all likelihood a mythical land. "UU UU Animal," premiering on The FADER toay, is the first release from his forthcoming ANIMAL EP, a conceptual project that was recorded throughout June between the hours of 1AM and 9AM. During those late night and early morning hours, LA timpa pieced together muddy vocals and sticky melodies that tell a story you have to listen really closely to pick out.

"The ANIMAL EP is inspired by LA timpa's overall aesthetic as a being, which was inspired by minimalism and the film Gummo. ANIMAL was also inspired by my recent move from my parent's home to Toronto and dealing with the emotions and experiences following that change," he told The FADER over email in a typically timpa-ish fashion.

LA timpa Makes Harmony Korine-Inspired Music