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Mélat Debuts “Sexy Us,” Announces New EP

The Ethiopian R&B upstart’s It Happens So Fast is due out on July 15th.

July 01, 2015

Austin, TX's Mélat fits in well with a slew of young R&B upstarts taking things into their own hands in the shadow of a thriving independent rap scene. She's been self-releasing singles and tapes for about a year, with a soft spot for early-aughts pop production styles that recall bubblegum soul like Mya and Amerie. "Sexy Us" lifts a Jay Z line, and the Ethiopian singer's voice fills the Robbie Anthem beat earnestly. It's a song about "that feeling you get when you look at him/her and think, 'Damn, this is right. Damn, we look good together,'" she told The FADER via email. Mélat's It Happens So Fast EP drops July 15th.

Mélat Debuts “Sexy Us,” Announces New EP