Fekky And Skepta Team Up For “Way Too Much”

The two grime artists make a potent duo.

July 02, 2015

Fekky and Skepta appeared together earlier this year on stage behind Kanye at the Brit Awards, and both recently made FADER's list of UK rappers you need to know. They present a compelling pair on Fekky's latest single, “Way Too Much:” Fekky’s methodical, almost-drawled verses anchor the track, while Skepta prefers to charge forward with rapid onslaughts of syllables. Though the song’s about excess, the beat is skeletal and serrated. Watch the clip for the track below, where the MC’s dance around with solo cups. The weather looks nice, but Skepta keeps his rain gear on.

Read FADER’s covery story on Skepta, and find out why grime beef might shake rap awake this year. You can watch Skepta on FADER TV below. Keep an eye out for Fekky's debut album, El Clasico.

Fekky And Skepta Team Up For “Way Too Much”