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Watch The Jacka’s Video For “Addict”

It’s the last thing the rapper filmed before he was shot and killed in February.

July 02, 2015

In February, just two months after releasing What Happened To The World, The Jacka was shot and killed in Oakland. The last video the rapper filmed before his death hit the internet yesterday. The clip for “Addict,” the fifth track on What Happened, is grim—full of drug imagery and hints of violence that eventually explode in a shooting. Reese and Carey Stacks helped Jacka with the song. In the first verse, the listener hears Reese sinking deeper into a lonely rut: Early stages of addiction, my mind still attached/ Still able to keep this paper with this monkey on by back/ My friends don't really notice cause they all high too. Jacka's part is especially heart-breaking in the aftermath of his death. In the streets where a strong man weeps when he thinks of his mistakes, he raps. So on we can't sleep till the sun rise/ In search of a fun time—lost love, hope she thinks of me sometime. Watch below.

Watch The Jacka’s Video For “Addict”