With His New EP, Ramriddlz Proves He Doesn’t Need That Drake Remix

’t's gonna be a sweeter summer, he promises.

July 02, 2015

I have to be completely honest and admit that when I first discovered Ramriddlz, the enigmatic Toronto singer who may or may not have a Drake remix on the way, I wasn't exactly sure what to do with him. "Sweeterman," his first single, was compelling on a weird level but so ridiculous that it was difficult to take seriously. I'd heard talk that he had more flames on the way, but I had to see it to believe it.


And this week, I'm seeing it. Ramriddlz is back with P2P EP, a collection of smooth, glittering, summer-sounding tracks about women and partying that cleverly infuse Caribbean sounds into his post-PARTYNEXTDOOR R&B. The man makes wacky romantic references to things like taro bubble tea and Dylan from Making The Band, and follows them up with spectacular one-liners like: She wanna kick it like Liu Kang and Cocky bend like Beckham. According to a skit that appears halfway through, the EP gets its title from the phrase "pussy too pink," which, combined with all the other stuff, does not sound like the work of anyone who's actually had sex before. Still, various bits of the project have been stuck in my head for 24 hours and it seems, at the very least, like Ram is having fun with it. As a friend pointed out, "He wins for having a personality." Can't argue with facts.

Listen to the EP above, and check out the music video for "Sweeterman" below. It's gonna be a sweeter summer, true say.

With His New EP, Ramriddlz Proves He Doesn’t Need That Drake Remix