Opposites Attract On Frances And RITUAL’s “When It Comes To Us”

Stream a sweet, honeyed pop song straight out of the UK.

July 06, 2015

Someone once told me that the truest test of a well-written song is whether or not it translates well to other genres. That's exactly the case with Frances' "When It Comes To Us," a pop song so sweetly composed that I can already foresee teenagers uploading genre-melding bedroom covers of it to YouTube. It's the second single from the Newbury-born singer-songwriter's debut EP Grow, and features fitting production and guest vocals from the mysterious electronic group RITUAL. Frances' sharp, honeyed vocals will likely earn her comparisons to the R&B-borrowing pop of fellow Brit Adele and Sam Smith, and, considering their wild success, that's probably a good thing.

"'When It Comes To Us' is about being in a relationship where, on paper, it shouldn’t work, as you’re such different people, but somehow your differences are what make you so perfect for each other," Frances told The FADER. Stream the track below and look out for Grow, which is out on July 10th.

Opposites Attract On Frances And RITUAL’s “When It Comes To Us”