Watch Vince Staples’ Obey Your Thirst Documentary Trailer

“Without that voice, all this is for nothing.”

July 06, 2015

In Vince Staples’ recent interview with The FADER, the Cali rapper got deep: “When I die, no one’s going to play my single," he said. "You feel me? The question is, ‘What did this person stand for?’ I feel like my songs are things I stand for.” If this radical ambition piques your interest, then his Obey Your Thirst documentary, out this Wednesday, July 8th, will tell you about the experiences and dreams behind it.


In the trailer above, Staples says that growing up in Long Beach provided him with the drive that fuels him today. “It’s important to have a voice speaking for where I come from, because I never had one," he says. "Without that voice, all this is for nothing.” The FADER and Sprite are excited to share the full documentary Wednesday, but until then we’ll keep Staples’ fantastic new double-album Summertime ’06 on repeat. Be sure to check out the Drake and Nas Obey Your Thirst documentaries, and come back next week for the final installment on Isaiah Rashad.