RAC Takes ZZ Ward’s “LOVE 3X” From Day To Night

The Portuguese producer punches up the boisterous folk-rocker’s recent single.

July 06, 2015

Andre Allen Anjos—the Portuguese producer better known as RAC—tends to tread in dance-pop, but here he has punched up boisterous, bluesy folk-rocker ZZ Ward's infectious new single "LOVE 3X." Trading out her guitar-slaps and finger snaps for bass drops and summery synth, he's readied the bright and breezy love song for the late night. All the while, Ward's vocals remain intact. "In many ways this was new territory for me," he tells The FADER. "The slower tempo and the type of beat were a lot of fun to play with. Ultimately, it was about showcasing the phenomenal vocal."

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RAC Takes ZZ Ward’s “LOVE 3X” From Day To Night