Photographer Daniel Sannwald Explains Miguel’s Wildheart Artwork

“I was LSD.”

July 07, 2015

Miguel attracted a lot of attention yesterday for his comments about Frank Ocean and a clarifying statement he released afterwards. But it‘s important to remember he‘s also in the middle of promoting a new album. To that end, the singer and the photographer Daniel Sannwald recently talked with Instagram about the process behind Wildheart’s sensual artwork.

“[Miguel]’s such a sweet and open-minded person, so it’s really easy to connect with him,” Sannwald said. “They kind of divided the record into different drug experiences, like an LSD trip to an ecstasy trip to a cocaine trip, so I think they reached out to different people to start the vision of what would suit that kind of visual experience. I was LSD. I love anything psychedelic, I love colors, I love to create unexpected worlds.”


After hearing some of the lascivious songs on Wildheart, Sannwald unsurprisingly decided to go with a bare skin motif. To keep his abs toned, Miguel “didn’t eat the whole day” and worked out regularly in between photos. The singer wanted to create “something very retro but take it into the future.”

Watch Miguel on FADER TV below.

Photographer Daniel Sannwald Explains Miguel’s Wildheart Artwork