Enter Ash Koosha’s Extra-Dimensional Virtual Reality In The Video For “I Feel That”

Internet aesthetics unhinge in this Hirad Sab directed clip.

July 08, 2015

The overwhelming vastness, power, and absurdity of the internet isn't a new revelation, but it's one that continues to inspire a lot of fresh artistic responses. Iranian-born, London-based producer and composer Ash Koosha's new video for "I Feel That"—from his recent GUUD album—is a gripping take on virtual reality, digital aesthetics, and what he thinks the future will look and sound like.


The video, directed by digital artist Hirad Sab, has a distinctly chromed-out, post-internet, Archival Aesthetics influence that you'll have to see for yourself (preferably in full screen and HD). "I created a seamless album because that's how I see the future: borderless, where all mediums, senses and genres have merged together to create a singular living experience that is valued for its impact, not definition," Koosha told The FADER. "GUUD is a virtual reality that simulates this future. I imagined future human as the super-intelligent machine, who does not eliminate accidents and errors but turns them into opportunities that enable unearthly discoveries through the controlled chaos of chance and randomness."

Koosha's vision, as theory-based as it may seem, translates really well in Sab's artistic rendition: "Ash's music incorporates dislocated, intangible, and at times emotionless sounds," Sab told us. "However, these fragments unify to transmit definite subjective feelings in the listener. My goal for the video was to also embody this individuality of components with a cohesive identity of whole. For me the outcome is an unknowing exploration of feelings in virtual environments, and fetishism of user interface semiotics." As "I Feel That" gradually unfolds into multi-textured, sensory-overloading insanity, so too does the complexity of Sab's digitally-rendered fever dream. Watch the full video above, download GUUD here via Olde English Spelling Bee, and check out each track's visuals on NewHive.

Enter Ash Koosha’s Extra-Dimensional Virtual Reality In The Video For “I Feel That”