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Watch Gardens & Villa’s Insane Video For “Fixations”

E-cigs, freed nipples, drones.

July 08, 2015

Santa Barbara-to-L.A.'s Gardens & Villa are dropping Music For Dogs this August 21st, and the video for "Fixations" is as good a trailer as we could hope for. E-cigs, freed nipples, and at least one drone bounce around a basement party in purgatory, while songwriters Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen lurch around trying to find meaning through sun-drenched 70s-leaning rock. "The video is a satire of the culture that we actively participate in. Critiquing the self is an exercise in humor," the band explained to FADER. "It's like an exaggeration of the 2015 internet-dependent human existence. I's funny and, at the same time, a strange modern void." Watch the Austin Kearns-directed clip above.

Watch Gardens & Villa’s Insane Video For “Fixations”