Haleek Maul Premieres Charged “Money God” Video

Bask in the first cut off the rapper’s long-gestating and much-anticipated Prince Midas mixtape.

July 09, 2015

The ocean Haleek Maul paces in the video for "Money God" recalls the Caribbean waters he likened himself to in his 2012 GEN F profile: "it just seems so angry and powerful.” The song—which is the first official release off the rapper's long-gestating Prince Midas mixtape—is angry and powerful, too. Over looming production, he challenges a world that revolves around the titular money god. Life in that matrix/ That same shit everyday, he raps, increasingly charged. I swear I'm going crazy/ Been dazing/ Hope I find my way up out this maze.


"This is me personifying excess and decadence while reflecting on the ills of the world that are consequential of these systems which perpetuate an ignorance to love and compassion in the spheres which they exist," Maul explained in an email to The FADER. "No one wants to face the truth about the fact that every single human being is at the mercy of someone with more money or 'power' than them as long as they continue to live in a way that allows these things to exist. I don't believe I have the answers as yet but I am trying."

Haleek Maul Premieres Charged “Money God” Video