London Band Peluché Wrote A Song For “The Guy With The Gammy Eye”

And it’s a colorful, paranoid trip.

July 09, 2015

I'm going to go out on a limb here (sorry-not-sorry for the pun) and assume that "gammy" is a word that doesn't get used much in the States. So for non-British readers, it should be noted that when London three-piece Peluché address "The Guy With The Gammy Eye" on their new single, they're using an old slang word meaning limp or generally non-functioning; the dude's eye does not work.

Now that's out of the way, "The Guy With The Gammy Eye" is a dreamy, psychedelic tune recorded for boutique London label Speedy Wunderground, whose whole shtick is that they create singles from a single day of recording, produced by Dan Carey (who's produced records for Sia, Hot Chip, Kate Tempest and more). Carey also always uses an instrument called a "Swarmatron," which you can hear on this track, and which Peluché describe as sounding "like a swarm of bees flying over." That, plus all this talk of gammy eyes, lends the track a peculiar tension, which makes sense given the band told The FADER over email: "it's a colorfully vivid, paranoid trip through the park and through the streets." It'll raise your heart rate, that's for sure.


Peluché's upcoming tour dates:
16th/17th July, Larmer Tree Festival, Salisbury UK
24th July, Nozstock Festival, Herefordshire UK
4th August, Barfly, Camden UK
21st August, Speedy Wunderground Summer Party, Brixton Windmill UK
3rd October, Dials Festival, Southsea UK

London Band Peluché Wrote A Song For “The Guy With The Gammy Eye”