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Perth Producer Sable Premieres “One And Only”

It’s an ode to online-born relationships.

July 09, 2015

Sable is fully aware that the world has no shortage of love songs, so instead the Perth, Australia producer created one about a less celebrated form of romance: online relationships. “One and Only,” premiering here, is a cuddly ode to internet-born love, delivered with chipmunk vocals and a saccharine hyper-beat. "‘One and Only’ is a love song with a hidden meaning,” he tells The FADER. "Its focus is on the relationships people build online and then the feelings of attachment they develop from that. It's a pop song at heart dressed in a club aesthetic." Listen below and follow Sable on Facebook, where he's rolling out a zine, post by post.

Perth Producer Sable Premieres “One And Only”