Watch Isaiah Rashad’s Obey Your Thirst Documentary Trailer

“This is some little black kid in Chattanooga’s American dream.”

July 13, 2015

Much like Drake and his hometown of Toronto, Isaiah Rashad is looking to forgo the norm and be the first big rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Southern city may not have the most illustrious roots in hip-hop's history, but that's not stopping Rashad from giving it everything he's got: "You never know how interesting your own world is until you document it," he says in the above trailer for his Obey Your Thirst documentary. "This is some little black kid in Chattanooga's American dream."


Rashad isn't naive about the challenges he's up against. In fact, they make his commitment to his vision that much stronger: "I ain't never have doubt. If I had doubt, I would have went home and got a regular job." Check back in Wednesday for the full documentary presented by The FADER and Sprite, and in the mean time check out the previous installments on Drake, Nas, and Vince Staples.