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Bask In The Mellow Summer Pop Of Dutch Duo Klyne

Their single “Entropy” is more fun than it sounds.

July 13, 2015

Singer Nick Klein and producer Ferdous Dehzad are based in a village just outside the Dutch city of Eindhoven; together as Klyne, the duo make mellow electronic pop that's like a long-lost cousin of Jai Paul. "Entropy"—the double A-side to their stripped-back first single "Paralyzed"—is about a year old now, the band tell The FADER over email, and has evolved gradually into the sweet summer pop song it is today. "It was very raw, psychedelic and horribly mixed with a lot of piano and guitar," they explain. "That incoherence went well alongside the troubled mind of the person in the lyrics, hence the name 'Entropy.’ But we kept wondering and discussing how it would sound with a simplified pop twist. That's when we ended up with this version, completely altered, but eventually our favourite one. The only psychedelic remnant is probably the guitar bit at the end!” Listen to the track below, and pre-order the single ahead of its 7th August release via British label Aesop.

Bask In The Mellow Summer Pop Of Dutch Duo Klyne