KEIYA Is Unapologetically “Fly”

Hear the first song from the singer, producer and former jazz saxophonist’s second EP.

July 15, 2015

Chicago native and one-time jazz saxophonist KEIYA quietly self-released her WORK EP earlier this year. A tapestry of jazz, R&B, soul and electronic influences, its smoky textures refused to be boxed into any one category; and "Fly," the first single to surface from her second release, sticks defiantly to that unclassifiable vibe.

As KEIYA told The FADER over email: "I was born and raised in Chicago, an extremely segregated city with a music scene just as segregated. There's a lot of kids that fuck with artists out here just because others approve, or because they have one of like, three certain sounds, and will overlook some of the better genuine, less known talent. The song is me saying, 'fuck that, be yourself unapologetically and don't concede to other people's quality standards if it doesn't love you back in the end.' It applies not only to this music, but to my whole life growing up, and I feel like everyone can relate to that feeling."

KEIYA Is Unapologetically “Fly”