FADER Mix: Retiree

The Australian dance outfit globe-trot across 75 minutes of funk.

July 21, 2015

Retiree's "Gundagai" makes us really happy, in that goofy, tap-your-toes-and-dance-like-an-uncle kind of way. So we weren't surprised when this 16-track mix they shot over became a regular office soundtrack: ambient thumpers, world-trodden funk and a few downright pop gems proved perfect for windowless hubs of creativity. Much of the mix is new stuff that sounds old in just the right way, but a slowdown of Jean Michel Jarre's "Zoolook" grounds it all in the clunky synths of the early ’80s and we couldn't be more pleased. Download below, along with details on the mix and notes on Australian cuisine.


Where are you right now? Please describe your surroundings.


Currently sitting across a very suss woman wearing sunglasses inside IKEA. I'm here for storage solutions and it's pretty bleak. The artificial bamboo plants are nice to pull the leaves from though.

What countries are we hearing represented throughout this mix?

Australia, North and South America, Spain, England, France, Sweden, Norway are some places seeping into the mix. But we hope it sounds exactly like Planet Earth.


What's the best in Australian cuisine? What do you like to cook?

The best Australian cuisine comes from everywhere overseas, so maybe a pizza burrito. We like to cook a wide range of toasted sandwiches.

Tell me about your first band rehearsal as Retiree.


History says this is where Tori & Marco met for the first time. We jammed over a prehistoric version of our song "Altruisme," and started a beautiful relationship with the owner of the rehearsal space, Chris. At rehearsals we still take full advantage of the generous kitchen, complete with sandwich press, icypoles and exotic teabags.

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you and why?

I just finished ‘The Silence of Animals’ by John Gray. Highly recommend if you’re up for questioning why humans don’t question the way they go about existing.



Suzanne Kraft - Renee Sleeping
A Vision of Panorama - Solar Eclipse
Tevo Howard - Summer Romance
Jose Padilla - On The Road
Bell Towers - Jungle of my Mind (Ruf Dug Remix)
Michael Shrieve - Orangutan
Mark Barrot - Bush Society
Hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart
Blood Orange - Is It All Over My Face & Tower of Meaning
Shriekback - My Spine (Is The Bassline)
Black - Van III
Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook
Peter Westheimer - Tin Drum (Len Leise 33rpm edit)
James Mason - Nightgruv (Extended)
Ambience - The Adored (Rain Mix)
Anton Klint - Spritzer Part 02


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FADER Mix: Retiree