Portland Duo Ghost Feet Conjures Dappled Sunshine On “Cursed Summer”

It’s more cuddly than cursed.

July 21, 2015

The relationship between light and sound is a magical one. Sights can be musical and sounds can be textured. "Cursed Summer," from Portland duo Ghost Feet's forthcoming debut album, understands that intrinsically—yet, despite the title, it's no thunder and lightening track. Instead, it's the audio equivalent of dappled sunlight, winking and blinking through the shade.

"The first chords that were written for 'Cursed Summer' were based on the feelings of repetitive let-downs and the endings of summer flings," Ghost Feet told The FADER. "After coming up with guitar riffs and writing a bass line to go with it, we recorded the track part by part, adding layers of synths, resampled instruments, and percussion. The song eventually developed a resolution during the writing process which gave it a warm tone filled with splendor—that feeling you get blasting tunes in your car driving down the coast." Dropping Gems will release Ghost Feet's debut album, Together Alone, on August 18th.

Portland Duo Ghost Feet Conjures Dappled Sunshine On “Cursed Summer”