Marissa Gently Asserts Her Independence With “Need 2 Know”

The young singer channels ‘90s R&B classics on her new track.

July 21, 2015

Marissa, a 20 year old singer from Atlanta, used a common relationship difficulty as the basis for her new track, “Need 2 Know.” She tells FADER, “I realized that the majority of guys had the same problem—over stepping their boundaries! Not only did I have a couple guys try to check me, but other girls around me had the same problem.” “Need 2 Know” addresses this directly. The song is a smooth declaration of independence. Boy we’re not there yet, we’re not on that level, Marissa sings. So I need for you to get yourself together. But there’s also warning in her honeyed words: you’re the one that I chill with/ don’t become the one to deal with.

“Need 2 Know” is the first taste of a full-length project, and Marissa promises more songs in a similar vein: “It's going to be my way of speaking for the ladies,” she says.

Marissa Gently Asserts Her Independence With “Need 2 Know”