Thundercat’s “Them Changes” Video Is A Wounded Samurai’s Lament

Mad swordplay and a few touching moments.

July 21, 2015

Dads and their garages. Who knows what kind of mischief they get up to in there? Thundercat knows and the funk ronin is giving us a peek in his "Them Changes" video, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada. Inside a roomy dad sanctuary (what is that, a two car? Three?) our heroic Green Samurai suffers a devastating lost at the gauntlets of Red Samurai. What follows is a dreamy and genuinely moving take on injury in the field of one's passion.


Estrada explains in a statement: “Stories like athletes' careers ending after injuries or artists losing their site/hearing/ability to perform; these concepts are truly heartbreaking. I also know that Thundercat has a thing for samurais—so I saw an opportunity to make everyone happy here. Or everyone sad, I guess.”

Thundercat's fantastic new mini-album The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam is out now on Brainfeeder.

Thundercat’s “Them Changes” Video Is A Wounded Samurai’s Lament