Companies Are Racing To Develop Marijuana Breathalyzers

Businesses see an opening.

July 22, 2015

New laws create new opportunities: regulations on the use of marijuana have loosened in a number of states, but concern about marijuana consumption before driving has led to a new interest in developing breathalyzers that detect whether or not a driver has weed in his or her system. reports that a number of parties are trying to be the first to market one of these devices, including Cannabix Technologies, a Canadian company, Lifeloc, known for its alcohol breathalyzers, and a team of researchers at Washington State University.


At the moment, the breathalyzing technology is limited: it can detect where or not a driver has consumed marijuana, but it can't determine the amount consumed. There's also a time limit on the devices—the presence of weed can only be detected within a couple hours of consumption.

Lifeloc plans to sell their marijuana breathalyzers for $2,500, which is more than six times as expensive as the alcohol version.

Companies Are Racing To Develop Marijuana Breathalyzers