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Take A Walk Under The Stars With Connie Constance

The 20 year-old Londoner’s debut single is a beautiful peek into her universe.

July 22, 2015

20-year-old singer Connie Constance isn't afraid of the dark, if her debut single is anything to go by. Not only is she singing about being up to her knees in grass, totally on her own in the dead of night, but she's also roaming a sparse, gloomy sonic landscape laid out for her by R&S-signed producer Blue Daisy. The pair of Londoners have made magic together, weaving pitch-shifted vocals with Connie's own raspy, distinctly London-accented voice. "Imagine your uncle is God and he only lets the people who enter his heaven know who he really is," Connie cryptically told The FADER of their collaboration. "His heaven being a dark and cave-like studio filled with stories of the utmost enjoyment of solitude. That's what working with Blue is like." Get lost in their universe via the player below, and watch for its release via Black Acre on September 25th.

Take A Walk Under The Stars With Connie Constance