The University Of Kentucky Issued Drake A Cease And Desist Order

The rapper violated NCAA rules by meeting with basketball recruits.

July 22, 2015

Sporting News reports that the University Of Kentucky was forced to tell Drake to stay away from its basketball recruits. The rapper, an avowed Wildcats fan, showed up for Big Blue Madness last year, an event that celebrates the first practice of the college basketball season. When he arrived, the MC was told that he couldn't meet any of the recruits, because that would be a violation of NCAA rules (presumably Drake's presence would seem like an added incentive to attend Kentucky over other schools that might be wooing the young players). Despite precautions taken by the athletic staff, Drake ended up running into one of the recruits in the hallway and snapping a picture.


The University then submitted a write-up about the incident to the NCAA. According to Sporting News, the school "issued a cease-and-desist letter to [Drake] directing him to refrain from conversations with prospects or taking photos with prospects when that conversation or photo occurs outside the parameters established by the NCAA."

Drake seems to be partial to the Wildcats' home state as well as its basketball team. He's been hanging out with Bryson Tiller, a singer/rapper from Louisville. And on "Company," a song from If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Drake rapped, "I need a girl from Kentucky."

The University Of Kentucky Issued Drake A Cease And Desist Order