James Franco Co-Wrote A Book About Lana Del Rey

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July 23, 2015

James Franco is famous for his cross-disciplinary artistic efforts: he's an actor on screen and on stage, he's directed, he's written short stories, he's exhibited drawings, and he's made music. On top of all that, he recently paid "poetic tribute" to the singer Lana Del Rey in V Magazine. He sees her as a kindred spirit. "The only difference between Lana and me is her haunting voice," he wrote. "That carries everything. The voice is the central axle around which the spokes of everything else extend."

Inspired by this foray into Del Rey-inspired prose, Franco has written an entire book called Flip-Side: Real And Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey, which is due out next March. The volume will span 100 pages, and David Shields served as Franco's co-author.


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James Franco Co-Wrote A Book About Lana Del Rey