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Watch The Grammys Explain How Artists Win Awards

A new mini-doc sheds light on the Grammys’ submission and voting process.

July 23, 2015

Early this year, we dove deep on the Grammys, interviewing artists and voting members on why the Urban Contemporary Grammy exists. Today, the Recording Academy has shared GRAMMY 101, a short explainer on exactly how artists and albums get nominated, voted on, and ultimately awarded. The Academy stresses that artists and creatives in the industry vote on their peers, and that if artists want to have a voice in what the Grammy results look like, they should apply to be voting members. Debates about the Grammys, and award shows in general, haven't cooled down—just today, El P voiced thoughts while submitting Run The Jewels 2 for Best Rap Album—and the clip sheds some light on a topic that many feel strongly about. The clip coincides with the launch of grammy101.com, which features flowcharts and FAQs. "The GRAMMY is the music industry’s highest honor," the site reads. "We’re counting on you in the music community to continue that legacy by participating in the process." The takeaway: Future Hive, apply now.

Watch The Grammys Explain How Artists Win Awards