The 10 Best Style Instagrams Of The Week

Close-up magic edition.

July 24, 2015

Instagram is a vast, vast place. It also happens to provide the best sartorial inspiration you can find, if you know where to look. In her new weekly column, FADER style writer Liz Raiss goes into an Instagram K-hole and comes out with 10 great snaps from the past seven days. This time, it's all about fashion in focus, seen through the fragmented beauty of the extreme close-up. Enjoy.

1. Prickly legs and burnished orange Maryam Nassir Zadeh pumps look poetic at close range

Happy Saturday ☕️

A photo posted by Mari Giudicelli (@marigiudicelli) on

2. Meanwhile, artist Ana Kras got up-close and personal with polka dots for Vogue Spain

photos I took for Jane Dezibel by @beadeza today on @voguespain 🍭

A photo posted by Аna Kraš (@teget) on

3. Kali Uchis accessorized moodily in this zoomed in selfie
4. And Polo, Crocs, and yellow nail polish look artful from this angle

Nurse or Cheesemonger? You be the judge #crocs

A photo posted by CHARLOTTE PRADIÉ (@not.that.chill) on

5. Don't miss the gilded shroom

@bornxraised_official ☁️🍄☁️

A photo posted by Tochtli 🐇☁️🎲 (@c0neja) on

6. Harnesses and roses are that much more romantic up close

@drewtoonz super eve🌹

A photo posted by los angeles|san diego (@lannablake) on

8. Tinashe rocked Nasir Mazhar and wants you to know

Late nights

A photo posted by TINASHE (@tinashenow) on

9. artsxdesign has strong feelings about aloe and we do too

A photo posted by AXD (@artsxdesign) on

10. While this album cover doubles nicely as an advertisement for the enduring allure of satin panties

"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" by me! out now at @avnlrecords

A photo posted by Santiago Evangelista (@eternalcondition) on

The 10 Best Style Instagrams Of The Week