Get Your Sugar Fix With LYK’s Video For “See What I Can Do”

The Toronto/Atlanta duo’s video is like a viral taste test gone wonderfully awry.

July 27, 2015

You never know what'll come out of a remix. The electronic project by the name of LYK (text talk for "let you know") began when LuckyMe's Ango (Andrew Gordon MacPherson) remixed a track on Uh Oh!, the debut release from DJ and producer Druture (Drew Kim). Today, the pair are premiering a video for their infectious new track, "See What I Can Do." When I first saw the title and heard the song, I read it as a statement equally as serious as it is charmingly provocative: See what we can do, say two producers whose new project is toppling the distance between Atlanta (where Druture lives) and Toronto (where Ango's based) and leaving some hyper-catchy hooks in its wake.


"See What I Can Do," high-octane and effervescent the whole way through, is "a response to all the synth-based rap beats getting painted with the T-word," LYK told The FADER. "We wanted to make something that was tough and had teeth but was still fun. It came together really fast from a hook that was recorded into Ango's iPhone." Featuring a cast of people shooting rainbows of nonpareil sprinkles out of their mouths in increasingly absurd volumes, the video is like the fantastical second cousin of the viral "People Try [Unfamiliar Food] For The First Time" videos currently holding YouTube hostage. Unlike those dime a dozen clips, though, "See What I Can Do" unfolds over a bitingly jubilant track that'll leave you feeling as giddy as someone who's just had a generous helping of candy sprinkles.

Get Your Sugar Fix With LYK’s Video For “See What I Can Do”