Quentin Miller Talks “Lies” On Newly Resurfaced Track

“You rappin’ dudes, I don’t get you.”

July 27, 2015

Last week, in case you were hunkered down in an internet-less void, Meek Mill suggested that Quentin Miller was Drake’s ghostwriter. On Friday, Miller wrote a Tumblr post refuting those claims, and over the weekend, Drake released, “Charged Up,” his response to the allegations. He out-Draked himself by playing the song four times in a row on Beats 1 radio and never mentioning Meek by name. Meek naturally hit back on Twitter.

Miller released a track of his own today, expressing his disgust with the state of hip-hop. I done seen what it’s like to get rich off your dream and lose it all, he raps. But you can have the game I’m through with y’all, I’m moving on/ don’t try me though, you’ve been warned. Later he adds, You rappin’ dudes, I don’t get you/ Niggas sell their souls for some clothes and Versace gold. He then changes course and addresses his “daughter on the way.”


Listen below.

Update, 7/27/2015, 11:40 AM: According to Miller, this is actually an old song from 2013.
Quentin Miller Talks “Lies” On Newly Resurfaced Track