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L.A. Trio MUNA Share The Straight-Talking, Hard-Hitting “Promise”

“I don’t know if I could ever forgive me.”

July 28, 2015

Despite its drinks-in-the-air, anthemic vibes, the new single from L.A. trio MUNA is a startlingly frank—maybe even bleak—song about letting down yourself along with the people you love. Bummer! As the band explained to The FADER over email: "We see 'Promise' lyrically as a track about misconstruing expressions of passion as authentic expressions of love. More personally, Katie [the band's lead singer] struggles with her own temper in relationships, and wrote this song during a moment of helplessness; questioning whether or not she could truly control her own behavior." Don't let any of that put you off: this is a crystallised gem of electronic pop, and a perfect track to stick on that one playlist you keep for when you're letting off some steam.

L.A. Trio MUNA Share The Straight-Talking, Hard-Hitting “Promise”