Let Air Waves’ “Horse Race” Pull You Off Track

Her new full-length, Parting Glances, drops in September.

July 29, 2015

Growing up, my dad would take me to the racetrack at least once a year. I couldn't legally gamble, but I would scrape together some allowance dollars and couch-cushion quarters, pick a horse with the coolest-sounding name, and make my dad place the bet. I remember winning, like, $25 one time and feeling just completely overjoyed, like the luckiest kid on earth.

According to an email from Air Waves' mastermind Nicole Schneit, her new song "Horse Race" is about "struggling financially in NYC and searching for a new life." It's a catchy pop song, featuring prodding keys and bright guitars and Schneit's windswept alto delivering uncomplicated sentiments like I take you out on a Cadillac, and we go so fast. The track captures an anything-is-possible sort of feeling, like a little kid at a horse race with his fingers crossed.


The song is off Air Waves' second full-length, Parting Glances, named after the New York-set Steve Buscemi movie. The record was recorded with some help from Woods' Jarvis Taveniere and drops September 18th via Western Vinyl.

Let Air Waves’ “Horse Race” Pull You Off Track