Active Child Premieres “Stranger” Video

Dance it out.

August 05, 2015

Four years after the release of his debut LP, dream pop impresario Active Child dropped his sophomore album Mercy last month to roundly warm praise. He's since come out with a seemingly Where The Wild Things Are-inspired video for the album's lead single, “1999,” and today he is premiering a follow-up visual for the more anxious album cut "Stranger."


"I generally prefer to let the video convey the tone of the song, but with 'Stranger' I felt compelled to perform and release the frustration and anger bubbling below the surface," he wrote in an email to The FADER that described the highly choreographed video. "The anger is rooted in feeling deceived by someone you care for and the lack of trust that can eat away at a relationship. And as a result feeling like someone you've spent so much time with is still essentially a complete stranger, like all those intimate moments were somehow corrupt. It's frightening and soul shaking. Live and learn I guess. Plus people want to see the artist, they want to see me go through it. And there's a part of me that wants to go through it too."

Active Child Premieres “Stranger” Video