Londoner Grace Acladna Shares A Conflicted Love Song For Her City

A great city, a great solitude.

August 05, 2015

"I constantly fall in and out of love with London," says Grace Acladna, speaking over email to The FADER. Like most Londoners, she's got a strained but passionate relationship with the city; unlike most Londoners, she's translated that feeling into a striking, soulful pop song. "London" is the second single to be unveiled from Acladna's debut EP Songs of the Subconscious, out this summer on Hometown Records—for which the 22-year-old wrote and produced every song, and even created the above artwork herself.

"I’ve been here [in London] my whole life," she elaborates. "You find that you start to associate places with good and bad things that happen to you, the people that loved you and the ones that rejected you, and it disenchants my view of the city. But after a day or night of wandering the streets and finding new, quiet places I’ve never seen before, and meeting wonderfully strange people, I fall back into a rose-tinted, starry-eyed adoration. I always contemplate leaving, but whenever I do, I always miss it—its good qualities and its bad ones. Because, essentially, there is nowhere, and never will be anywhere, quite like it." Listen below.

Londoner Grace Acladna Shares A Conflicted Love Song For Her City