Jim Caesar Doesn’t Want To Be Your “Artefact”

The UK pop singer/songwriter is an 8-bit Indiana Jones in his new video.

August 05, 2015

In his 2014 debut video, self-described "viber-vibewriter" Jim Caesar was a spaceman. Today, in his brand new visual for the bouncy single "Artefect," he's an 8-bit Indiana Jones, singing a song that (he says in the press release) reminds him of *N SYNC. Imagine your *N SYNC cassette got wrung through the laundry, and left to dry in the sun, and you're close to what Caesar sounds like: Justin Timberlake it's not, but "Artefact" is a upbeat, lo-fi synth pop single that has an undeniable earworm chorus.


While it might be steeped in brightly colored nostalgia, the subject matter stings sharply with the pain of growing up, and figuring out what your own identity is among all the noise. "'Artefact' is about coming to a point of realization where you know that you gotta just do what feels right to your soul and ignore the craziness of the people around you, however good their intentions are," 20-year-old Caesar tells The FADER over email. "It's about never letting your mind be colonized." Watch the clip below, and keep your eyes peeled for Caesar's upcoming EP on Juicebox.

Jim Caesar Doesn’t Want To Be Your “Artefact”