Watch A Double-Jointed Video For Celestial Trax’s Double-Jointed Tune

The Rinse producer flexes on “KDH.”

August 06, 2015

Cybernetic producer Celestial Trax has a fluid way with his materials, making sharp, high-gloss synth stabs skid over old, familiar rhythms. It's jarring yet familiar process that comes to life in his new video for "KDH," taken from Vaxxilate, his latest EP for Rinse—as his melodies twitch and kickdrums stutter, dancer Rebecca Warzer channels the lilting energy through her limbs with an awkward grace that you can't tear your eyes away from.


For Celestial Trax, that strange, contrasting energy comes from an attempt to work through tough times. "The Vaxxilate EP was written during a time I was going through a lot of personal stuff and having mini breakdowns in my Brooklyn apartment," the London-born, Brooklyn-based producer told The FADER. "'KDH' is about a person who has taught me a great deal and has gotten me through a lot of stuff. The track is my way of showing how important that person is to me. Defaced, tarnished beauty and vandalized classical art—vacillating between broken and whole—was an inspiration behind a lot of the sounds." Watch the video, directed by Nicole Van Straatum, above; and to see Celestial Trax weave the broken and whole together live, head to Output this Saturday where he'll be playing alongside Rabit, Boddika and more.

Lead photo by Ben Ross Davis.

Watch A Double-Jointed Video For Celestial Trax’s Double-Jointed Tune