Mano Remixes His Favorite Gucci Mane Songs

Kanye’s former tour DJ flips “Pillz,” “So Icy,” and “Lemonade.”

August 07, 2015

One-time Kanye West tour DJ Mano (aka DJ Million Dollar Mano, also the producer of The Weeknd's "The Hills") makes a good case that he should be considered for the alleged upcoming Tours of Trap Tour with BrrLeg, a three song remix EP of his favorite Gucci Mane songs: "Pillz," "So Icy," and "Lemonade."

"I am a big fan of Gucci Mane’s work and in celebration of him being released next year, I wanted to do a free EP of a couple of his classic songs I remixed," wrote Mano in an email detailing the project. "Michael Kolar of Closed Sessions mixed and mastered the EP and we decided to put out a cool art project free for the people and big Guwop. Enjoy.”

Mano Remixes His Favorite Gucci Mane Songs